Anioma One Million Man Crusade 2018

I want to use this medium to officially invite you to be part of the Anioma One million man crusade that is coming up from Aug 1o-12th 2018 at Ogwashi-uku, Delta State Nigeria. We are trusting God that the Anioma One Million man crusade will bring to Anioma multiple blessings of enlargement, Unity and Promotion, Restoration of losses, Termination of Limitation, Provision that will end poverty in the land and Honour that will replace dishonour and disgrace. We are expecting the unexpected; we are expecting the impossible; we are expecting God to wipe away tears. We are expecting God to put back broken homes. We are expecting God to open wombs; we are expecting God to do the unimaginable. We are expecting God to bless Anioma people and all who shall partake in the program. It is going to be unprecedented move of God in this century. We need your prayers and support. We have Free medical Treatment from our Partners. Jesus is Lord

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