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Have you ever gone for an interview and the place and country of birth becomes a major hindrance of not getting the job? Have you ever lost your coronation in life because of your colour? I have seen men and women who labour to do as much as their parents and yet they are not succeeding making the name and mention of their parents to mock them.

Friends, if you are not living each day with excitement, energy, and passion, then you are not living true to your life purpose. Permit me to say that when you recognise and appreciate the ability deposited in you, the world around you will stand back and wonder. You must live every day with purpose and let your life demand a supernatural explanation until people around you begins to wonder because when your ability is empowered, you are unstoppable.

The great news is that we are all created as special specie and everyone living is an embodiment of talent. Our problem is that we are yet to discover in fullness how to utilize our potential to help humanity. Some of these talents are hidden while others are known. Let me shock you by saying that the best value of a man is tied to the hidden potentials and the unutilized abilities in him. The grave carries unutilized potentials of people that would have turned the world around for better.

The reason you are here on earth is for a purpose because God’s creation is never useless. I don’t care if your upbringing was characterised by molestation of humiliations; what happened to you is not what matters, it is what happen in you because of what happened to you that matters. You are here to use your unique, God-given gifts and talents to build up and sustain yourself, your family and impact your community. You are the Extension of wonder but unless you discover you will not recover because everything that is of value is hidden. Gold of value is not found on the surface neither is crude oil. Therefore, it is your duty to apply this Triangle of true worth:

Number One: Dig dip and to discover what you can do best

Number Two: The best suitable place to do it and

Number Three: The proper time to do it.

 If these three basic steps are undermined, no matter how much you labour, there may be nothing to show for it.

Resourceful labour that must yield harvest must be inspired. There must be a personal motivation towards your labour. Time and again, the men will call great men are ordinary people but they possess extra amount of determination; a never giving up spirit in the midst of difficult situation and circumstances. People are not seeing your good works and celebrating you because you are hiding your divine ability. You are loaded with wonder and you have been commanded to extend it for the benefit of your family, your village and the world around you. Therefore, don’t pocket it for yourself alone or you will die unsung.

Right where you are, you are created with fruitful seed that will create profitable assignment that can keep your harvest to the next harvest. Therefore, in order to achieve this goal; you must yield yourself to personal development, pick up an assignment that suits your area of strength and you will see good result and good harvest. Take up a challenge because responsibility is the catalyst to greatness and multiplication. If you run from family, work, school or church responsibilities, you are running from your lifting up. You cannot harvest where you don’t have investment. It will make you a ‘419’ thinker. When you deliberately ignore yourself, you miss the opportunity for expansion and for taken delivery of your divine packages. You cloud the opportunity to be redeemed, the opportunity to be blessed and the opportunity to become a blessing.

Let me remind you that no single family is designed to be poor, ridiculed or wasted. Your present predicament today is your yesterday failure of discovering what your today will bring to you. I challenge you to discover what is lacking in your home to achieve peace. It is not where you are that determined who you are but who you are that determine where you are. You must refuse to continue with the status quo of stagnation and frustration and demand a change.

Secondly, no business in your mind is designed to fail, except the one you have designed and cultivated. Be current and take your business out of obsolete ideas. Discover yourself now. You must start looking inward, within your life, to discover the content of your make-up. You should start discovering and identifying what you can do that can proffer solution to humanity at the cheapest cost but at best time limit, that others cannot do. You don’t need money to create money, what you need is wisdom, knowledge, understanding and favour.

Until you discover what you have been created to do, you cannot discover your true worth. This is the reason why most talented people are humiliated because no man can humiliate you without your consent.

The best way to help yourself in life is to begin to recognize the godly ideas flashing in your heart. It is your primary duty to locate the fertile land where you can plant your godly ideas.

My wish for you is that your hidden treasures in you will come alive this day. May you be empowered to level every mountain and fill every valley. Your obstacles shall become stones of elevation to your place of coronation.

This article was firsst published at the and written by DrCI

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Date: August 12-14, 2016, Venue: Ogwashi-uku, Delta State Nigeria

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