Doubt Your Limits, Not Your Destiny

Your decision to take back your destiny and say goodbye to the burden placed by your business miscarriages is a matter of choice and not convenience, a matter of commission and not feeling, a matter of now and not tomorrow.

Let me say that “outshining business” is not a respecter of persons but a respecter of principles. When you follow the guidelines, given and written instructions by great thinkers, you will become successful.

Some of you reading this might be saying “have you ever been in a situation of trying stuff that doesn’t work?”! Trying people that don’t work, trying advice that doesn’t work? Trying marriage counselling that doesn’t work? What do you do when you have done everything you know and what you have been taught, and they still don’t work?

This article is about what you currently experience and the contrast between what you believe and what you see. I am here to tell you that, whatever greatness you had imagined or not, resides in you. What you believe determines what you become. Therefore believe in your beliefs for the act of believing qualifies us to be called BELIEVERS. Your manifestation and greatness in life is tied to what you believe. Doubt that voice that speaks negativity to your destiny, business and feed your faith with the positive word. But if you must doubt, then the best bet is to doubt your limits. Doubt

The mentality of business failure is most often as a result of upbringing and location. We are born and bred in a country where we assume that success is becoming a politician with the opportunity of embezzlement and financial recklessness. Hear me, a business breakthrough does not just come along to be as palatable as free Okra soup garnished with Okporoko; it takes courage, faith, and taking a stand. The realities of business breakthroughs are not only possible, but accessible.

When you stick to the attributes of champions, in the nearest future, millionaire ideas and concepts will begin to emerge through you that will release your financial harvest; but it comes along when you are committed to your purpose. The negativity you have been familiar with is coming to an end. Bigger and better doors are opening that will feed you new ways to attack business failure and inspire your winning mentality. Great wealth is coming to those who are in “doing” positions. Therefore, I urge you to keep your level of expectation high because what you believe is what you become. One of the symptoms of failure is not knowing the direction your business will take. It is not always about capital investment, but often about capital thinking – a poor man is not a man without money but a man without vision!

A season of business breakthrough will come to pass when confession is provoked. Your confession carries a divine injunction that can either trigger your business coronation or trigger your business humiliation. When you are not regarded, your business will suffer the same fate, but the man that will command attention as a successful business owner must be a man that has the right attitude – the speaker of your present and the prophet of your business future. It is the gateway to breakthrough and to become an over-comer of magnificent proportions.

A negative confession is like a time bomb that has the ability to destroy your legacy. Friends, I do not want to do business with anyone that says, “I am finished” or “I will never get out of this mess” or “I will not survive this business meltdown” or “I will never be able to achieve my business objective”. Instead, let your words encourage and motivate your customers to always come around to be lifted. It takes the right connections to command the right collections. Therefore, the only thing that can stand in your way is what you permit, for no man can humiliate you without your consent.

Friends, challenges in life are ladders to destiny; they are change agents and can be used to your advantage. Life is made in a way that any road that is void of obstacles will lead to nowhere, and you can either become a change agent or let your problems make you a change victim. Problems are obstacles and obstacles are forerunners of miracles, but the capacity to create or catch a vision is dependent on how you see and handle problems that seem like mountains. Hear this; your first reaction to a problem will determine if it can be surmountable. You must be tuned into the “possibilities triangle” which is:

Seeing what’s possible

Describing what’s possible

Pursuing what’s possible

Right where you are, a person who does not feel the thrill of challenge or a willingness to take responsibility is not a potential leader; people who are locked in the status quo are not leaders. Problem solvers see opportunity while others only see – business as usual. Non-leaders, bystanders, complainers, stay focused on the status quo and obstacles that prohibit change. Their attitudes and assumptions paralyze them from exploring and uncovering new opportunities and possibilities. That you have to carry responsibilities should not intimidate you.

Some of the actions you can take to SEE what’s possible include:

Number One: Study The Best—Every chance you get observe the best— Find out the secrets of great men. Don’t just complain that they have use charms and juju or they have bribed or slept their way to success. Experience is not the best teacher but rather wisdom – learning from the mistakes of others. There are always new ideas and lessons to be learned from studying the attitudes and actions of the best performers of life events.

Number Two: Change Your Mission —Restate your life business purpose or business mission. Most of the time if not all of the time, we are stuck in wrong missions or actions. What was the original dream you had concerning your business? What have you projected to happen in say about five years’ time?

Number Three: Be Curious—Ask Questions. My favorite questions are “why” and “what if.” “Why do we have that procedure?” The right questions force you to truly evaluate how things are currently being done and how they might be done differently.

Number Four: Start With a Clean Sheet of Paper – Ask the question, “if you were starting out today how would you set up and operate your business? How will you manage your family, your career?” What would you do differently?

Number Five: Travel – Visit other places for a change and get a breath of air. I have noticed travelling increases my ability to “think differently”. Experiencing a totally different culture always helps us see new possibilities and opportunities. For example, prepare to visit Ogwashi-uku, Delta State Nigeria for a One million man crusade coming up from Aug 12-14th 2016. It shall be awesomely Awesome.

Number Six: Leave Your Comfort Zone – When I think about what’s possible I focus on what makes me uncomfortable. What lies just outside what I believe is possible. I find new opportunities and directions just beyond my comfort zone.

Bottom line is that great people discover new possibilities in terms of both what can be accomplished and how it can be done. I challenge you to fight back concerning your dream, your goal and your business; don’t allow doubt and unbelief to kill your innovation. When you are “consistently consistent”, people will no longer see your limitations but rather your potentials.

What goes on in your mind is of your own creation and, while it’s not necessarily consistent with reality, it can have real, self-fulfilling consequences on your today and your tomorrow. Therefore, doubt and unbelief can tame, kill, and ultimately destroy your intention for creativity and excellence.

By Dr. Celestine Iwendi

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