Is BEDC In Ogwashi – Uku For Business Or Exploitations? Writes Samson Obidi

Ogwashi – Uku is one of the oldest Local Government Headquarters in Nigeria. The ancient town had Electricity Supply in the 70s before the coming NEPA, PHCN and eventually BEDC Electricity Plc (BEDC), which is one of the successor distribution companies (DisCos) created following the unbundling and privatization of the state-owned Power Utility, Power Holding Company of Nigeria Plc. Ogwashi – Uku happened to be the first town in this part of the State to drag BEDC to NERC Forum in Benin – City, where BEDC was “humbled” by the Ruling in favour of Ogwashi – Uku. But even at that, BEDC proved to be obstinate to restore supply to the ancient town that had been in total blackout for almost ten years. Electricity supply was restored to the town when Abuja ruled and insured BEDC complied in 2017, and not without the efforts of some individuals and groups in Ogwashi-Uku. It’s lamentable to note that since the restoration of electricity supply in Ogwashi – Uku, BEDC has remained unfriendly, unstable and suppressive in their operations in Ogwashi-Uku. I stand to be corrected. It’s been war for some of us, who have been engaging them to play by the rules and to deliver quality services to Ogwashi-Uku. BEDC has never implemented any good policy in Ogwashi-Uku without inflicting pains and anguish on their customers. And one wonders why an essential service provider should be involved in such unfriendly and unprofitable operations? Towards the end of the year 2020, even after some members of the community massively supported them to fix the damaged portions of the TCN Trunk Line alone Ogwashi-Uku – Asaba Road during the Yuletide. BEDC appreciated the town by drastically reducing the supply hours from 11hrs to less than 6hrs, even during the New Year celebration. This was height of irresponsibility and insensitivity on their part. Although, they shamelessly claimed the town can’t afford the 11hrs supply and as such the revert…. Today bills are hiked up to 22k per month for an unstable and very low current supply. It’s unacceptable, and must be adjusted downward until pre – meters are deployed to Ogwashi – Uku. The people of Ogwashi – Uku must insist for quality services and meters for all.

All we are saying BEDC give us more light

All we are saying BEDC don’t exploit the People of Ogwashi-uku

Samson Obidi

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