Panegyric written by Okafor Ralph

Panegyric written by Okafor Ralph
Ogwashi obodo ukwu, main crust of enuani kingdom,
anioma’s blest, a collosus landmark alluring and unalloyingly spruced.
opulent and ineluctably percepticle with numerous bells and whistles acne to canaan the promised land.

Ogwashi ukwu cog wheel of providence,
illustrous progenies of great provenance, proteges of blue blood.
abode of auspicious and gregarious pple
demotic for their eximous vocation.

Ogwash ukwu vantage point of history,
metropolis and gestalt of the Delta.
vestige of suigeneric consuetude, culture and tradition.
unrivaled balad, legend, art and musicality.

Ogwashi ukwu melting point for sages, honeypot for wanderers
cosmopolitan hub, void of prejudice.
hermits return home nostalgic.

Ogwashi ukwu majestic throne of greatness,
ancient door of glory, as stately as an oak.
posterity has judged you,
mere word are not sufficiently expressive of your appelation.

Ogwashi obodo ukwu. great indeed so great.

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  1. Oh dear
    Beautiful rendition of my home town
    Ogwashi – Uku the hidden treasure of the future. A place with endless tale indeed there is more to tell
    Ogwashi Uku Obodo Ukwu Time will tell the rest of its story


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